WillStella Farms, Kernersville, NC

Three weeks ago, Josiah and I shot my sisters wedding at WillStella Farms in North Carolina. My wife and I live in Georgia and Josiah lives in Virginia. It was a pretty long drive for both of us but it was well worth it. Minus a flower issue at the fault of Trader Joe’s, (seems to be a pattern) the wedding went off without a hitch.

The Venue


WillStella farms is a fantastic wedding venue for the value. Almost everything that the bride and groom needed was there on site available for them to use, all included. The house that the wedding party all gets dressed in is classy and elegant but still comfortable to lounge around in. Which is something that you and your wedding party will appreciate during those nerve-filled hours prior to the ceremony.

WillStella farms might be exactly what you’re looking for if you want an outdoor or rustic theme to get married in. Plants and greenery surround the area, so especially in the Spring and Summer, the trees and grass are vibrant. The trees produce plenty of shade that make for some truly breathtaking photos of you and your bridal party. There’s plenty of places to take different types of photos, which is something not every venue can say.


To read more about this venue, you can visit their page here WillStella Farms